Evaporative Cooler Installation Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Getting to the point of home ownership likely cost you a lot of time and money. You scrimped and saved for years to come up with a down payment, you found a realtor or professional to help you out, you searched high and low for a home, you found one, made an offer, negotiated, and then bought it and moved in. With luck, you’ll be there forever, or at least until you use it to buy a better home. Yet, it still costs you money each and every month.

Your utility or energy bills have to be paid every four weeks or else the lights go out. If you were previously used to a small apartment, the energy costs of a larger home might surprise you, and so you’ll do anything to cut down how much you pay on that. Energy-efficient light bulbs go a long way, but if you live some place that has a long warm season with many hot months, then your air conditioner is likely running up some massive energy bills during that time of year. Turning to a solution like evaporative cooler installation can actually reduce your energy bills.

Evaporative coolers are a type of home cooling equipment that work really well in places where the air outside is hot but humidity is rather low. That means they’re not that practical in places like Louisiana or most of the Southeast, but they’re great in more inland areas, locations of higher altitude, and many Western states that have a ‘dry heat.’ Evaporative coolers pull air in from outside and then run it through moist pads. The moisture absorbs the heat, so the air blowing in is cooler than when it originally comes in.

Installing an evaporative cooler can save significant amounts of money on your energy bills in three primary ways. The first is simply the fact that the models and units themselves are cheaper to buy than air conditioners are. Since they involve less technology and manufacturing to construct, they’re cheaper to make and therefore cheaper to buy. It varies, but they can range from one-half to close to the same cost to install of an AC unit.

The second way they save you money on utility bills is that they use less overall electricity than an air conditioner does. Central air conditioning units have to actually dehumidify air and extract moisture, which should cool it down, and it does so until it hits a particular temperature.

The third way that an evaporative cooler reduces your energy bills is because you can use them in the rooms where they are needed the most. Even if your home has air conditioning, you might have particular spots that need a little extra cooling to stay comfortable, particularly rooms that you spend a lot of time in, or they just get warmed up faster thanks to windows, direct sunlight, or even appliances. Using evaporative coolers in those rooms cools them down locally so you don’t have to run the AC over the whole house as much.

As mentioned, evaporative coolers (also commonly referred to as swamp coolers) are not ideal in all climates, but they do work effectively in some parts of the country. Shop around to see if any of the new high-tech swamp cooler models fit your home, budget, and needs.