4 Reasons To Have An Evaporative Cooler Installed

When the warmer months approach, people start thinking of all the ways they will attempt to stay cool side their home when the temperatures start soaring. Having an evaporative cooler installed can be a fantastic option that you should consider if you haven’t already. Here are five reasons for you to give strong consideration to installing an evaporative cooler…


Anyone who has an air conditioning unit can tell you that their electricity bills go through the roof when the weather gets hot and stays hot during the summer. This is not the case when you install an evaporative cooler because they use far less energy since the only power needed to operate is water and a fan. You will be able to relax comfortably in a much cooler home without spending nearly as much money as you would to cool your home with central air conditioning.

It is also cheaper to have an evaporative cooler installed than a traditional AC. While you can spend upwards of $12,000 to have a refrigerated unit placed in your home or office, you can have one of these installed for a figure that is closer to $6,500 or at most $7,500. This will all depend on the particular model you have in mind, and whether you have an existing swamp cooler, but this option is always less expensive than the alternative.


When you are using an evaporative cooler system with upducts so you can close your windows, the air quality is closer to that of a traditional air conditioner. Swamp coolers without upducts require that you leave the windows open which results in indoor air quality being reduced, especially for those with allergies. This is because most older units do not have a way for the air running through it to be filtered. As a result, the air that is being breathed in is not particularly healthy. Evaporative systems also cause a boost in humidity levels, which is great for people who have allergies, sinus infections and other issues that are exacerbated by air that is far too dry.


While some people love the idea of being in a room that is shockingly cold, there are others that would prefer temperature levels that are more on the moderate side. Since the humidity levels are increased when using an evaporative unit, this means that the air emitted will not be as cool as that which comes from an AC. Again, some will not be pleased to know this, but for others it is welcome, especially for those that live in drier climates with very low humidity.


If you are trying to live a greener lifestyle, then an evaporative cooler is certainly the best cooling option in terms of being environmentally friendly. A central air conditioning system uses chemical refrigerants to lower the air temperature. As a result, these chemicals are often released into the environment. In case you had no idea, this means that potentially harmful materials will be released into the air. Evaporative cooling is a perfectly natural way to get the cooler indoor climate you need without having to worry about the environment taking a hit from harmful refrigerants.

While everyone else in your neighborhood is running an expensive, environmentally unfriendly, frigid air conditioning unit, you can make a smarter choice and save as much as 70% on your summertime home cooling bills according to a senior swamp cooler technician  at Altitude Comfort – Evaporative Cooler Installation in Denver, CO instead of central air conditioning. Now that you know all of the benefits that are associated with this home cooling option, it should be easy to see why this is a choice that should be given serious consideration.