Install An Evaporative Cooler For Comfort And Savings

If you live in a warm dry climate you may wish to consider installing an evaporative cooler to stay cool and comfortable. Hot dry climates are ideal conditions to install an evaporative cooler instead of a central air conditioner.

An evaporative cooler works by pushing the intake air over a cooling pad that has water dripping into it. The water cools the air down as it’s sucked into the air. Then this cooler air, with the added moisture is pushed back out into the various rooms in the house to cool it down.

The air is moist and keeps your sinuses from drying out and it’s much cooler than the temperature outside.

It’s also a lot less expensive to use than a regular air conditioner. Southwest and desert climates are the most common parts of the counrty for evaporative, or swamp coolers as they are frequently called.

Many people don’t realize that humid climates are not ideal for evaporative coolers and wonder why their unit is working so hard.

Air conditioners work well for humid areas and evaporative coolers work well in drier areas where there is little to no humidity.

As an added bonus, the evaporative cooler works at its very best during the hottest part of the day. That is because this is when the humidity level is at its lowest. The dryer the climate is outside the more efficiently the evaporative cooler will work.

Another great thing about an evaporative cooler keeping you cool and comfortable is that you’re going to save, on average, $50 or more on your water bill annually and $200 or more on your energy bill. This can really add up and pay for itself within the first year of installation.

Most people don’t realize that there is a difference between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioner. The air conditioner actually takes more energy, costs more to purchase and more to run, and it’s often hard to regulate the temperature.

Evaporative coolers are typically roof-mounted. They have to be wired for power which is typically 120 Volts AC and they must be connected to a cold water line in order to drip the water into the drip pan for cooling.

The bigger the difference in the temperature and the level of humidity the better the evaporative cooler is going to work. It’s easy for a professional to install an evaporative cooler and you can adjust it with a thermostat just like you do your heat or any other appliance that heats or cools your home.

You’ll appreciate the comfort of having an evaporative cooler installed in your home. Be sure to select one that is large enough for your entire home.

Installing an evaporative cooler in your home to keep you cool and comfortable makes good sense economically and will help you to save energy. You’ll be cooler and healthier and you’ll appreciate the fact that you’re saving a lot of money annually by choosing this method for your cooling needs.