Steps For DIY Evaporative Cooler Installation

A home evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, is a very efficient type of cooling system that you can use in your home. However, if the area that you live in has high humidity, an evaporative cooler might not perform as well. An evaporative cooler uses water and padding. Air is pulled into pads that have been wet down with water, which makes the air that gets blown inside your house cooler. Installing a swamp cooler on your own is fairly easy. However, you will need another person to help you. It is also important to make sure you determmine the size of evaporative cooler you need using an evaporative cooling calculator.

Frequently an evaporative cooler is installed on the roof. Then a blower is used to push air onto a down discharge cooler. Despite the fact that it is cheaper to install an air conditioning system on the roof instead of a window, there are some common problems associated with it. Roof deterioration is one of the major ones, since over time an evaporative cooler tends to leak. Also, in order to perform maintenance you have to go up on the room, and if wood is used for the supporting framework over time it will deteriorate.

Evaporative coolers that are mounted on a wall or the ground can have the same types of problems, however the damage is usually not as extensive.


Evaporative Cooler
Measuring Tape
2 Cinder Blocks

STEP 1. Prepare The Window

Before you install an evaporative cooler, first prepare the window where you will be placing it. Raise the window and clean it.

STEP 2. Place the Evaporative Cooler

Put the evaporative cooler into the window. Place a few cinder blocks underneath the unit so you can level it.

STEP 3. Level the Evaporative Cooler

Put your level on top of the cooler to level it. After you have the unit in a level position, attach the chains on the edges on the back of the evaporative cooler and stretch it to the side of the house. Using the level marks, place the hooks on the side of your home and connect the chain to the hooks.The chain will hold your evaporative cooler’s weight and help you keep in a level position.

STEP 4. Install Waterproof Stripping

Close the window opening by using the sliders on both sides of the grid. Then place weatherproof stripping around the outside of the window.

STEP 5. Fill the Evaporative Cooler

After you have finished installing the evaporative cooling, fill it full of water and then plug the unit into a power outlet. Then you will be able to enjoy cooler air coming into your home.

Whenever you are installing an evaporative cooler, make sure to always have someone help you due to how bulky the equipment is. Also be sure to wear a back brace to provide you with added protection to help prevent accidents. In order to prevent cool air from coming in your house during the winter, drain your evaporative cooler and place a cardboard covering on top of the unit’s opening.