4 Reasons To Have An Evaporative Cooler Installed

When the warmer months approach, people start thinking of all the ways they will attempt to stay cool side their home when the temperatures start soaring. Having an evaporative cooler installed can be a fantastic option that you should consider if you haven’t already. Here are five reasons for you to give strong consideration to installing an evaporative cooler…


Anyone who has an air conditioning unit can tell you that their electricity bills go through the roof when the weather gets hot and stays hot during the summer. This is not the case when you install an evaporative cooler because they use far less energy since the only power needed to operate is water and a fan. You will be able to relax comfortably in a much cooler home without spending nearly as much money as you would to cool your home with central air conditioning.

It is also cheaper to have an evaporative cooler installed than a traditional AC. While you can spend upwards of $12,000 to have a refrigerated unit placed in your home or office, you can have one of these installed for a figure that is closer to $6,500 or at most $7,500. This will all depend on the particular model you have in mind, and whether you have an existing swamp cooler, but this option is always less expensive than the alternative.


When you are using an evaporative cooler system with upducts so you can close your windows, the air quality is closer to that of a traditional air conditioner. Swamp coolers without upducts require that you leave the windows open which results in indoor air quality being reduced, especially for those with allergies. This is because most older units do not have a way for the air running through it to be filtered. As a result, the air that is being breathed in is not particularly healthy. Evaporative systems also cause a boost in humidity levels, which is great for people who have allergies, sinus infections and other issues that are exacerbated by air that is far too dry.


While some people love the idea of being in a room that is shockingly cold, there are others that would prefer temperature levels that are more on the moderate side. Since the humidity levels are increased when using an evaporative unit, this means that the air emitted will not be as cool as that which comes from an AC. Again, some will not be pleased to know this, but for others it is welcome, especially for those that live in drier climates with very low humidity.


If you are trying to live a greener lifestyle, then an evaporative cooler is certainly the best cooling option in terms of being environmentally friendly. A central air conditioning system uses chemical refrigerants to lower the air temperature. As a result, these chemicals are often released into the environment. In case you had no idea, this means that potentially harmful materials will be released into the air. Evaporative cooling is a perfectly natural way to get the cooler indoor climate you need without having to worry about the environment taking a hit from harmful refrigerants.

While everyone else in your neighborhood is running an expensive, environmentally unfriendly, frigid air conditioning unit, you can make a smarter choice and save as much as 70% on your summertime home cooling bills according to a senior swamp cooler technician  at Altitude Comfort – Evaporative Cooler Installation in Denver, CO instead of central air conditioning. Now that you know all of the benefits that are associated with this home cooling option, it should be easy to see why this is a choice that should be given serious consideration.

Advantages Of Variable Speed Evaporative Coolers In Colorado

Do you want to have a good climate control equipment for your home to make it more comfortable? Evaporative coolers may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but evaporative cooling still has a lot of benefits that can offer to anyone. For people who want to have a cooler environment at home without spending too much money, an evaporative cooler will give you great results. Unlike older evaporative cooler models before, today’s latest designs even include variable speed and other high tech features that increase efficiency, and can give you more control of your cooler.

Central air conditioning can cause the air to be dry and the refrigerants used to cool your home are also harmful to the environment because of the chemicals that it uses for its different operations. If you want to do your part to help save the environment, evaporative coolers are a great way to do that because swamp coolers use a natural process to cool your home. An evaporative cooler just cools your home’s atmosphere by using water. No more foreign chemicals in the air and no more irritated eyes or throat.

If you compare the price of an evaporative cooler to an air conditioning system, you’ll see a huge difference in their price tags. The price of having a new unit installed by a reputable evaporative cooler contractor in Colorado will range from $3,500 up to as much as $7,500 for the latest high-tech models, while installing an air conditioning will cost you anywhere from $5,000 to over $10,000. Another benefit that an evaporative cooler can give you is that it is more energy efficient when compared to central air conditioning. Expect to pay 50% less than you’re an air conditioner’s operational cost. Since an evaporative cooler only needs enough energy to operate its fan units and pumps, it will drastically lessen the amount of money that you have to pay your bills.

Cleaning or maintaining an air conditioner can be difficult because it has a lot of complex parts. Meanwhile, an evaporative cooler is much easier to maintain because it only has two main sections that you should know about to fix or maintain it. There are also a bunch of tutorial videos that you can look up on YouTube and Google if you are having some trouble with your cooler.

Evaporative coolers can also give you a fresher air. If you want to keep everyone in your home healthy, letting fresh air circulate at home prevents respiratory illnesses from infecting anyone. An evaporative cooler allows the room to have a good air flow which means that the air you are breathing at home is younger and not stagnant. Stagnant air increases the risk of bacteria forming in the air. Installing evaporative coolers will help you have cleaner air in your home which will benefit everyone.

Evaporative cooler installation is a cost-effective way of having cooler air inside your house during the summer. It will also provide you with a better air flow than air conditioners. People may prefer air conditioners because it is widely used today, but having an evaporative cooler can save you from huge expenses that come with using an AC. An evaporative cooler will also help in keeping your family healthy especially if a family member has respiratory illnesses. Buy a variable speed evaporative cooler now and enjoy all these benefits at home.

Install An Evaporative Cooler For Comfort And Savings

If you live in a warm dry climate you may wish to consider installing an evaporative cooler to stay cool and comfortable. Hot dry climates are ideal conditions to install an evaporative cooler instead of a central air conditioner.

An evaporative cooler works by pushing the intake air over a cooling pad that has water dripping into it. The water cools the air down as it’s sucked into the air. Then this cooler air, with the added moisture is pushed back out into the various rooms in the house to cool it down.

The air is moist and keeps your sinuses from drying out and it’s much cooler than the temperature outside.

It’s also a lot less expensive to use than a regular air conditioner. Southwest and desert climates are the most common parts of the counrty for evaporative, or swamp coolers as they are frequently called.

Many people don’t realize that humid climates are not ideal for evaporative coolers and wonder why their unit is working so hard.

Air conditioners work well for humid areas and evaporative coolers work well in drier areas where there is little to no humidity.

As an added bonus, the evaporative cooler works at its very best during the hottest part of the day. That is because this is when the humidity level is at its lowest. The dryer the climate is outside the more efficiently the evaporative cooler will work.

Another great thing about an evaporative cooler keeping you cool and comfortable is that you’re going to save, on average, $50 or more on your water bill annually and $200 or more on your energy bill. This can really add up and pay for itself within the first year of installation.

Most people don’t realize that there is a difference between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioner. The air conditioner actually takes more energy, costs more to purchase and more to run, and it’s often hard to regulate the temperature.

Evaporative coolers are typically roof-mounted. They have to be wired for power which is typically 120 Volts AC and they must be connected to a cold water line in order to drip the water into the drip pan for cooling.

The bigger the difference in the temperature and the level of humidity the better the evaporative cooler is going to work. It’s easy for a professional to install an evaporative cooler and you can adjust it with a thermostat just like you do your heat or any other appliance that heats or cools your home.

You’ll appreciate the comfort of having an evaporative cooler installed in your home. Be sure to select one that is large enough for your entire home.

Installing an evaporative cooler in your home to keep you cool and comfortable makes good sense economically and will help you to save energy. You’ll be cooler and healthier and you’ll appreciate the fact that you’re saving a lot of money annually by choosing this method for your cooling needs.

Steps For DIY Evaporative Cooler Installation

A home evaporative cooler, or swamp cooler, is a very efficient type of cooling system that you can use in your home. However, if the area that you live in has high humidity, an evaporative cooler might not perform as well. An evaporative cooler uses water and padding. Air is pulled into pads that have been wet down with water, which makes the air that gets blown inside your house cooler. Installing a swamp cooler on your own is fairly easy. However, you will need another person to help you. It is also important to make sure you determmine the size of evaporative cooler you need using an evaporative cooling calculator.

Frequently an evaporative cooler is installed on the roof. Then a blower is used to push air onto a down discharge cooler. Despite the fact that it is cheaper to install an air conditioning system on the roof instead of a window, there are some common problems associated with it. Roof deterioration is one of the major ones, since over time an evaporative cooler tends to leak. Also, in order to perform maintenance you have to go up on the room, and if wood is used for the supporting framework over time it will deteriorate.

Evaporative coolers that are mounted on a wall or the ground can have the same types of problems, however the damage is usually not as extensive.


Evaporative Cooler
Measuring Tape
2 Cinder Blocks

STEP 1. Prepare The Window

Before you install an evaporative cooler, first prepare the window where you will be placing it. Raise the window and clean it.

STEP 2. Place the Evaporative Cooler

Put the evaporative cooler into the window. Place a few cinder blocks underneath the unit so you can level it.

STEP 3. Level the Evaporative Cooler

Put your level on top of the cooler to level it. After you have the unit in a level position, attach the chains on the edges on the back of the evaporative cooler and stretch it to the side of the house. Using the level marks, place the hooks on the side of your home and connect the chain to the hooks.The chain will hold your evaporative cooler’s weight and help you keep in a level position.

STEP 4. Install Waterproof Stripping

Close the window opening by using the sliders on both sides of the grid. Then place weatherproof stripping around the outside of the window.

STEP 5. Fill the Evaporative Cooler

After you have finished installing the evaporative cooling, fill it full of water and then plug the unit into a power outlet. Then you will be able to enjoy cooler air coming into your home.

Whenever you are installing an evaporative cooler, make sure to always have someone help you due to how bulky the equipment is. Also be sure to wear a back brace to provide you with added protection to help prevent accidents. In order to prevent cool air from coming in your house during the winter, drain your evaporative cooler and place a cardboard covering on top of the unit’s opening.

Evaporative Cooler Installation Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Getting to the point of home ownership likely cost you a lot of time and money. You scrimped and saved for years to come up with a down payment, you found a realtor or professional to help you out, you searched high and low for a home, you found one, made an offer, negotiated, and then bought it and moved in. With luck, you’ll be there forever, or at least until you use it to buy a better home. Yet, it still costs you money each and every month.

Your utility or energy bills have to be paid every four weeks or else the lights go out. If you were previously used to a small apartment, the energy costs of a larger home might surprise you, and so you’ll do anything to cut down how much you pay on that. Energy-efficient light bulbs go a long way, but if you live some place that has a long warm season with many hot months, then your air conditioner is likely running up some massive energy bills during that time of year. Turning to a solution like evaporative cooler installation can actually reduce your energy bills.

Evaporative coolers are a type of home cooling equipment that work really well in places where the air outside is hot but humidity is rather low. That means they’re not that practical in places like Louisiana or most of the Southeast, but they’re great in more inland areas, locations of higher altitude, and many Western states that have a ‘dry heat.’ Evaporative coolers pull air in from outside and then run it through moist pads. The moisture absorbs the heat, so the air blowing in is cooler than when it originally comes in.

Installing an evaporative cooler can save significant amounts of money on your energy bills in three primary ways. The first is simply the fact that the models and units themselves are cheaper to buy than air conditioners are. Since they involve less technology and manufacturing to construct, they’re cheaper to make and therefore cheaper to buy. It varies, but they can range from one-half to close to the same cost to install of an AC unit.

The second way they save you money on utility bills is that they use less overall electricity than an air conditioner does. Central air conditioning units have to actually dehumidify air and extract moisture, which should cool it down, and it does so until it hits a particular temperature.

The third way that an evaporative cooler reduces your energy bills is because you can use them in the rooms where they are needed the most. Even if your home has air conditioning, you might have particular spots that need a little extra cooling to stay comfortable, particularly rooms that you spend a lot of time in, or they just get warmed up faster thanks to windows, direct sunlight, or even appliances. Using evaporative coolers in those rooms cools them down locally so you don’t have to run the AC over the whole house as much.

As mentioned, evaporative coolers (also commonly referred to as swamp coolers) are not ideal in all climates, but they do work effectively in some parts of the country. Shop around to see if any of the new high-tech swamp cooler models fit your home, budget, and needs.